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Linden Lab suddenly operate a big change in the Second Life TOS

Almost everyone heard about the new changes in the Second Life TOS. But do you really realise what it's gonna change?

here is the new section  5.3:

5.3 There are other exchanges that are operated by third parties on which Linden dollars are exchanged.

Third party exchanges are not authorized by Linden Lab and Buying or Selling Linden dollars on third party exchanges are not authorized transactions. Third party exchanges are wholly distinct from both the LindeX exchange and Linden Lab and they have no affiliation with Linden Lab. We do not endorse or otherwise guarantee the legitimacy of the Linden dollar transfers offered on them, and we are not liable for purchases of such Linden dollars. Buying or Selling Linden dollars anywhere other than the LindeX is done so solely at your own risk. If you Buy Linden dollars that are traced to unauthorized credit card activity or other fraudulent activity, we will recoup these Linden dollars from your Account. The only authorized exchange is the LindeX.

What are they talking about?

Many people know about them but not everyone so lets describe what and who are the third-party tiers a short list as an exemple but there is much more of them all over the world:

Cash Services
Virtuateq exchanges

And many more!!

All of those company are providing services, payment methods to buy/sell L$. Users had to create an account on their website and most of the time identify their avatar in Second Life connecting them on the server of the third-party tiers by touching the terminals also named "ATM".
The key of the avatar was registered on their database and was the first safety.
On the website itself, you have many different kind of payment methods, Paypal, Credit cards but also most important, Internet bills, Phone, prepaid card etc...
Those alternative payment methods was opening the doors of Second Life's market to anyone who couldnt buy L$ on LindeX the official payment system of Second Life.

What is happening now?

According to the actual TOS the one and only way authorized by Linden Lab to buy or sell L$ is to do it by the LindeX. Which provides only Paypal or credit cards solutions. and actually you even have to own a verified Paypal account if my informations are correct.

So all the people who couldnt do that because they dont have the possibility to use their CC or to have a Paypal or even for personnal privacy would rather pay by phone, cant anymore.

The Third-party tiers received this email the day the TOS changed and not a single word was changed, deleted or anything they really received it that way:

As described on the Second Life blog, the updated Second Life Terms of Service disallow

trading of Linden dollars (L$) on exchanges other than the LindeX. As an operator of a

third party exchange, you should cease facilitating L$ trades on your exchange immediately

to comply with the Terms of Service. Any virtual ‘ATMs’ or scripted objects in Second Life

that are connected to your exchange should also be removed immediately.

Please be sure to read the complete updated Second Life Terms of Service and take the

steps necessary to comply and keep your Second Life account(s) in good standing.

Thank you in advance for your cooperation.


Congratulation! you wasted your time, your money and your real life trusting us now get out of here!....that's basically what it mean...

So why people are actually really yelling about and what can we do against that decision?

Actually we cant really do anything since it's their right to change the TOS whenever they want that's why you have to read it and agree with it at the first beginning...
BUT!! and yes there is a their own TOS, the first section talk about...THAT:


This Agreement may be changed by Linden Lab effective immediately by notifying you as provided in Section 13.4 below; provided that Material Changes will become effective thirty (30) days after such notification. By continuing to access or use Second Life after the effective date of any such change, you agree to be bound by the modified Terms of Service. A "Material Change" is a change to this Agreement which reduces your contractual rights

Article 13.4

13.4 We agree to provide each other with notices in a specified manner.

Linden Lab may give notice to and obtain consent from you by one or more of the following means: through the website at, through the Second Life Viewer at or after log-in to your Account, by electronic mail to your e-mail address in our records, or by written mail communication to the address on record for your Account. All notices given by you or required under this Agreement shall be faxed to Linden Lab Legal Department at: (415) 243-9045; or mailed to us at: Linden Lab Legal Department, 945 Battery Street, San Francisco, CA 94111.

So...if changing the way of thousands people can use the game as they use to do since years is not an important change...what could be? huh?

They wanna protect the users against fraud...ok i agree the intention may be good...but the way they did it?? Oh my...

It's like one morning one of them woke up and suddenly had the idea to throw away all the third-party tiers, depriving the users from their L$ and proudly said "That! is the solution to all of our problems"

yeah..right...ok who had this idea? Linden Lab? The CIA? WHO?

Some people came to me to remind me that Linden Lab always did that, punishing everyone to try to punish the guilty one...yeah but maybe it's time to say stop?
Some petitions was done before and didnt work...i know but maybe we have to keep fighting just to feel ourself less ...hmm i'm looking for the right word...let's say USELESS or...POWERLESS...or just stop being sheeps...
We are not really doing anything because we are so afraid to lose the few things they left us! It's exactly what is hapenning in real!!

We are not agree, we are suffering, suffocating by the powerfull ones manipulating the rules and us! But we dont do anything because we are scared to be even more punished!

What people dont realise is that even if you're not using those services, all the internal economy of Second Life is going to suffer from that!
Some people was paying their lands, club and the stuff they was buying in the shops because they had the possiblity to buy L$.
The users was hosting some terminals on their land to have a small percentage of every transaction made on it, it was helping them.

   How long are we going to let them do that?

i made a petition please, read it, agree with it and SIGN!!

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